Man of Steel? This man makes a ‘car deadlift’ look easy

A man on TikTok seemingly tapped into a normally inaccessible super-strength - and is picking up cars wherever he goes.

Man of Steel? This man makes a ‘car deadlift’ look easy

A video of a man “defying gravity” by picking up a Corse Lite that’s blocking a driveway is making the rounds on TikTok South Africa.

This man makes a ‘car deadlift’ look easy | TikTok

Yes, a TikTok user from Nigeria by the name Keoman is on the radar of various gym fanatics after he shared a video of the seemingly impossible feat.

Keoman says in his bio that he is “South Africa’s strongest man” [sic].

Picking up cars left, right and centre

In another video, Keoman says that he uses “100% Nigerian” power to pick up the car.

Another clip shows Keoman picking up a bakkie saying that he “decided to do some car deadlift today” [sic].

Hysterical strength in a moment of panic

Although there are various people who train to pull this off, this movement is also referred to as a “common urban legend”: The legend refers to a mother who lifts up a car to save her screaming child pinned underneath. The BBC writes that every now and then this “urban legend”- called “hysterical strength” – seems to really happen.   

But, scientists only have a tentative understanding of what exactly might be behind hysterical strength.

“After all, the spontaneous, life-and-death situations that apparently unleash it do not lend themselves to rigorous study,” writes Adam Hadhazy. While there are various explanations that mainly refers to adrenaline, an associate professor of kinesiology at the University of Southern California says that hysterical strength is “in us.”

“It’s not some supernatural force that’s causing that strength,” said Robert Girandola.