Pakistani Drama Serial : A Poor And Misleading Plot from Parizaad

Pakistani drama serial 'Parizaad' started off with an amazing plot. It is based on a dark-skinned young man named Parizaad. The show has many questionable dialogues and plots but, in this blog, we’ll focus on the plot/character of bubbly/dilawer.
Author: A.Awan

Pakistani Drama Serial : A Poor And Misleading Plot from Parizaad

Pakistani drama serial: Parizaad started off with an amazing plot. It is based on a dark-skinned young man named Parizaad. Despite being a brilliant student, he is not only troubling with poverty but is also subjected to mockery due to his skin color. The show has many questionable dialogues and plots but, in this blog, we’ll focus on the plot/character of bubbly/dilawer.

Although we appreciate the effort of the show to try to create acceptance for intersex people in our society, the intermingling of many concepts rather confused the audience. What shocked people most is that from production team to direction team and even to the actors and actresses, not a single person bothered to educate themselves and others on set regarding different terminologies commonly associated with the different types of gender identities.

Before we do a breakdown of why the plot of bubbly/dilawer actually caused more confusion and annoyance among the masses rather than helping the intersex community, let’s first familiarize ourselves with a few terminologies.

According to science and biology, there are only two genders based on the chromosomal makeup or genotype of an individual. If a person possesses XX pair of chromosomes, they’re classified as a woman while possession of XY pair of chromosomes makes them a male. However, exceptions exist too.

Intersex: A person identifies as an intersex when they’re born while possessing the characteristics, genitalia, chromosomes, hormones or reproductive organs of both the genders (or the outward features/outward organs of one gender while the internal organs are that of the other). Sometimes, a person can’t be identified as an intersex at birth and they may discover it only after reaching puberty.

Transgender: Transgender is someone who claims to feel a gender different from their biology. This means that they’re born fully functional males or females but “feel” different and based on those feelings, may change their gender (either by undergoing surgery or dressing up like the other gender or using different pronouns or all of the above).

Gender Dysphoria: It is a mental condition whereby a person feels uneasy because they feel a gender identity contrasting their biological gender. If untreated, it can lead to anxiety, depression and sometimes even suicide. It is very much like BIID (Body Integrity Identity Disorder) in which the patient feels or experiences a mismatch between the mental and physical images regarding their bodies. Hence, they insist on amputating a limb or cause permanent changes to spinal cord to get handicapped or even paralyzed to match their physical appearance with that of their mind image. Remember that doctors provide therapy to such subjects rather than actually fulfilling their desires to permanently cause changes to their body to match the mental perception.

Religiously, Islam states that intersex people must be treated as equals and are entitled to respect like anyone else in the society. Regarding transgenders, it isn’t a sin to feel a certain way. However, changing your gender or dressing up like the opposite gender and actually “acting” upon those feelings is a sin. Quran repeatedly mentions the nation of Lut AS and the different accounts of conversations that took between him and his nation.

You seize to be a “believer” if you support homosexuality or transgenderism (changing one’s gender identity) in any way.  

No nation in the history of humanity was more severely punished than the nation of Lut AS. As the Quran states:

Let’s also review the words of our beloved Prophet Mohammed SAW regarding this issue:

Getting back to the show, it can be seen that the creators of the show wanted to represent the “intersex” community, shed light on their struggles and make the audience think regarding their rights in the society. Instead, they showed a transgender (as she is a born female but dresses up and “identifies” as male and even uses male pronouns) bubbly/dilawer who, as the drama clearly established, was born a female but ended up suffering from gender dysphoria due to her parents constantly dressing her up and treating her as a boy in her childhood because they wanted a boy child. What’s even more messed up is that Guru, bubbly.dilawer’s guardian, who is represented as an intersex, actually relates himself to bubbly/dilawer as if they’re the same.

Rather than “acceptance” bubbly/dilawer along with her parents desperately needs therapy. However, intersex people like Guru deserve all the rights that any other person in a society does and their rights are protected by Islam. According to Islam, an intersex has all the rights that a man or a woman enjoys with respect to their (intersex) bodily association/ inclination to any of the two standard, biological genders via their physical and biological traits. This means that if they’re more feminine, all the rights as that of a woman in Islam apply to them. And if masculine, all the rights as that of a man apply to them.

The intersex community in our society is indeed quite ignored and deprived of basic human rights. If a single person from the huge cast and crew of the show had bothered to do a little homework on the topic, the show would’ve had played an important role in make the society aware of intersex community problems and struggles. It’s such a shame that they invested so much money and possibly genuinely meant to serve to lead the society towards progression but failed to educate themselves and the society thereby causing more confusion in the minds of the masses. We’d like to conclude the blog by advising our readers to do your research before formulating any opinions because we’ve again been misled and disappointed by our drama industry. As they say: “Neem Hakeem, Khatra Jaan”.