Step aside Drake, King Monada has the real protection against pregnancy!

'Make hot sauce too,' commented one fan after King Monada introduced his new condom brand to the world in a hilarious post.

Step aside Drake, King Monada has the real protection against pregnancy!

King Monada is definitely not sleeping on himself in 2022 and has already launched a new business venture. The Limpopo musician recently headed to his Twitter page to introduce the world to his new business – condoms. The condoms are called “King Monada – Ex Yaka”

Naturally, the post blew up as South Africans cracked jokes in the comment section.

King Monada launches condom brand

Just a week ago, Canadia-born, US-based artist Aubrey “Drake” Graham was trending online after an IG model accused him of putting hot sauce inside a condom.

According to the model, Drake did the bizarre move to kill his sperm cells which were in the condom they used after engaging in sexual relations.

The model admitted that she was attempting to inseminate herself with the star’s semen but unfortunately ended up with a traumatic burning sensation. And now South African artist King Monada has cashed in on a man’s need to protect his “assets” by launching his very own condom brand.

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Taking to his Twitter page, Monada shared a snap of himself next to the black packaged condoms wearing a t-shirt that read “RAW.”

This did not go unnoticed by locals who questioned why his t-shirt was encouraging unsafe sex while he was trying to sell protection against the very same thing.

“If they did it why can’t we did it, we can did it too, get yourself a box now,” the post was captioned.