The Dimensional Alliance Series By Bonnie K.T, Dillabough

The Dimensional Alliance Series By Bonnie K.T, Dillabough
The Dimensional Alliance Series By Bonnie K.T, Dillabough

Infinite ways to read the books in this Scifi/Fantasy book series.

What they’re about:

In this three trilogy (9 book) series, the first trilogy is about Jenny, a young woman who inherits a house, a cat, and a key from an aunt she has only met twice in her life.  It turns out that the house has a room in it that couldn’t possibly be there, the cat is not a cat, and the key doesn’t fit any of the rooms in her house, but unlocks adventures in the multiverse and teaches her things about herself she never thought were possible.

In the second trilogy (books 4-6) Jenny, after an accident that requires recuperation time, decides to read her aunt’s journals.  Aunt Lizzie encounters the Dimensional Alliance for the first time and encounters alien civilizations that become a key to the challenges Jenny is facing in her role in the conflict between the Alliance and ultimate evil.  (Book 6 coming out May 20123)
In the third trilogy (books 7-9), Jenny and her friends set out to conquer the evil Inseni, whose ultimate goal is to raid, torture and enslave the entire multiverse.  (Books 7-9 coming out spread out over the next 2 years (2023-2025).
The House on Infinity Loop (1st book in the Dimensional Alliance Book Series)
A cat who is not a cat. A key that doesn't fit anything and an impossible door that leads Jenny to adventures beyond the known universe. Join Jenny as she steps from the workaday world into the amazing realms of the multiverse, only to find the fate of everything she holds dear in her hands. Jenny discovers that not only is there much more "out there" than she ever imagined, but there is also much more to herself than she ever considered possible.
Infinity on Fire (2nd Book in the Dimensional Alliance Series)
Jenny has the weight of the multiverse on her shoulders and the fate of everyone she cares about in her hands. Ever since her aunt, who she barely knew, left the strange little house on Infinity Loop to Jenny in her will, along with the cat, Tidbit, and a tiny key on a gold chain, everything had changed. Now she must organize the forces of the Dimensional Alliance to fight against a persistent and formidable enemy who would enslave the population of every inhabited planet in the multiverse, if they have their way, plunging the multiverse into never-ending warfare and strife.
Mirrors of Infinity (3rd Book in the Dimensional Alliance Series)
"Miriha turned from her pool with a sigh. She knew she had watched the breaking of a heart and it grieved her that Jenny should feel such pain. The Dimensional Alliance had been thrust into another violent conflict, as she had suspected it would be. And this one would not be resolved by the force of arms alone. Jenny was still the key to victory. Miriha was sure of this. But choices still had to be made and trials overcome. In all things, choice was the pivotal factor. Miriha knew what she hoped for. But no one could choose for Jenny. The outcome depended on it. So, she gazed into her clear crystal pool in her garden and sent up prayers for wisdom, for Jenny, for the Dimensional Alliance and for herself." Thus ended the book, "Infinity on Fire". Join Jenny now as she resumes her journey with a broken heart and the responsibility for the entire multiverse on her shoulders.

Ripples of Infinity (4th book in the Dimensional Alliance Book Series)

Lizzie is driven by hunger...not for food or power or riches. Lizzie craves answers to her unending list of questions. She wants to know how things work. She wants to know why things are as they are. And she wants to know NOW. As Jenny reads the journals Lizzie left behind she realizes how different she and her aunt are and yet how very similar in so many ways. Jenny had been wrenched from her peaceful life into adventures she never asked for or wanted. In this fourth book of The Dimensional Alliance series, we discover how the ripples of Lizzie's actions affected so many things in the present and how they will continue to affect the future of the entire multiverse. Who knew that an insignificant young woman coming of age in the 1950's on Earth could make such a huge difference?

Chords of Infinity (The Dimensional Alliance Book 5)

As Jenny recuperates from her last battle with the Groga, she continues to read the journals of her Aunt Lizzie Japhet, the woman from whom she inherited the little house on Infinity Loop with all its amazing secrets.   Within the covers of these journals, she discovers the amazing and fast paced journey of her aunt as a college student in the 1950's. In this second journal Lizzie's adventures as an agent trainee for the Dimensional Alliance continue. Little did Jenny suspect how incredibly heart-wrenching and inspiring these adventures would be. Lizzie's coming of age, much like her own was no smooth road. Incredible discoveries and a gut-wrenching test of her fortitude, Jenny realizes that her aunt Lizzie was only rivaled by her own.