ALDI's $9.99 Grilling Tools Are Back—They're Perfect Weber Look-Alikes and Cheaper

ALDI’s Range Master grilling tool set is an affordable Weber dupe that makes grilling safer and more fun.

ALDI's $9.99 Grilling Tools Are Back—They're Perfect Weber Look-Alikes and Cheaper
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When the weather warms up, the barbecue gets more use than almost any other appliance in my house. Summer can be sweltering and humid where I live, so I look for many ways to avoid turning on the oven or stove.

A solid set of grilling tools is non-negotiable for making the whole experience of cooking outdoors safer, streamlined, and more enjoyable. I always use my set and was thrilled to find out that ALDI is selling a quality four-piece BBQ tool set for only $9.99. It's not just a fantastic price; it's a great investment for the value it brings. Compared to a similar three-piece set from Weber, which costs $46.99, it's a truly unbeatable deal. 

Why I Love ALDI's Grilling Tool Set

Aldi's Range Master set includes everything you need to grill like a pro—a spatula, meat fork, tongs, and a basting brush—whether you're new to the barbecue (these tips will help!) or a seasoned grill master.

All the pieces are made from stainless steel and covered with soft-grip silicone handles for comfort. You might be tempted to use your kitchen tools for grilling, but the long reach of grill-appropriate hardware keeps your hands safe from heat, steam, and unexpected flare-ups. This may not seem that common, but if you don't want to singe your arm hair off like my poor, sweet editor, Meg, who learned that lesson the hard way, size does matter. 

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The grooves at the edge of the tongs are another small but important detail. They provide a secure grip that allows you to easily flip even the slipperiest meats and veggies. The spatula has a precision edge to easily get under anything you're grilling, and the heat-safe silicone basting brush allows you to sauce and season food right over the flames.

Some of these features likely also apply to the Weber tools, but with ALDI's set, you get a bonus meat fork, an underrated tool that's great for flipping, rotating, and helping carve large cuts of meat. And for $37 less, to boot!

Each piece also has a hook that allows you to hang them when they're not in use. If your grill doesn't have built-in hooks, something like these magnetic hooks will make a world of difference in keeping you organized. 

Plus, with Father's Day around the corner, the set also makes an excellent gift for the grilling enthusiast in your life!