‘Creativity at its best’: DJ Sbu marvels over barber’s amazing skills

'I can smell the flowers, and they're highly appreciated,' wrote DJ Sbu after seeing the talented barber's skillful work.

‘Creativity at its best’: DJ Sbu marvels over barber’s amazing skills

South African musician DJ Sbu recently headed online to sing the praises of the skilled barber behind a haircut that was done in the exact shape of his face. The haircut was achieved on the back of someone’s head and even features Sbu’s signature dreadlocks.

DJ Sbu, who was clearly blown away by the artwork, headed online to reshare the photo with his fans are equally as impressed.

DJ Sbu gushes over barber’s skill set

Remember when it rained hitmaker DJ Sbu just headed online to “give a skilled barber his flowers” after the barber was able to carve his face on someone’s head using nothing but a clipper, some hair, and perhaps a sharp razor blade?

Taking to his Instagram page, the musician reshared the masterpiece which was made by Instagram user @VeinUnity, and praised the artist for the wonderful work.

He also thanked the artist for the love that went into creating the haircut.

“Creativity at its best Vein Unity congratulations. I’m humbled for the love and bravery to have me on your head my brother. I can smell the flowers, and they’re highly appreciated. May you be blessed in everything you touch,” he wrote.

The fans love it too

The post received thousands of reactions and comments from DJ Sbu’s fans and supporters who were in awe of how much work and effort it must have taken.

Many of them praised the artist for the precision while others praised the hitmaker for taking the time to give the barber a shoutout.

“The flower smell like spirit neh? This is too dope,” commented Nota Baloyi.

Rapper Stilo Magolide was one of few who didn’t think having the artist’s portrait on your head makes sense.

“I won’t lie it’s creative kodwa a serious face DJ Sbu behind your head is dangerous behaviour,” he wrote.

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