Food deliveryman becomes victim of Spring Day madness [watch]

'It's not funny': Locals have been left fuming after watching a video of a food deliveryman getting soaked by kids on Spring Day.

Food deliveryman becomes victim of Spring Day madness [watch]

South Africans have shared various reactions to a clip of some children soaking an unsuspecting deliveryman in water on Spring Day. In a video that has gone viral on Twitter, the kids – all armed with big buckets of water – storm the man who appeared to be delivering some food in the neighborhood.

While many laughed the mischievous act off as plain old fun, not everyone thought it was funny – in fact, a number of them said that the children were quite disrespectful and should be dealt with by their parents.

Kids spread the Spring Day madness in viral video

In many parts of South Africa, getting one another wet on Spring Day is an age old tradition.

Children and even adults all get together with buckets, hosepipes, and all kinds of water tools to soak each other as a way of welcoming in the warmer season.

One deliveryman became an unfortunate part of the fun when he was thrown wet by a group of little children.

In a video that was shared on Twitter by Twitter user @Kgaliiey_, the man can be seen on his food delivery scooter when around six children run up to him and empty their buckets on him.

“They did him dirty ahhh,” she captioned the video.

Mzansi is… confused

While many found the clip funny and laughed out loud in the comment section, others lambasted the parents of the children for allowing them to wet the man who is clearly still on the job.

@mbah098 said:

“No, it’s not funny guys. Honestly it’s not a joke.”

 @_LelethuM_ said:

“Delivery people are already afraid of going into the kasi because they get robbed. This is probably so scary for these bras. These youths need to do better. Also kuyabanda?? Also why don’t they splash each other and leave people on the clock alone??”

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