LOL: Zuma addresses MK Party supporters with viral microphone [video]

Mic drop moment? MK Party leader Jacob Zuma had fun with his flashing lights microphone in a social media post that has gone viral...

LOL: Zuma addresses MK Party supporters with viral microphone [video]

MK Party leader Jacob Zuma is one of many South Africans who hopped on the viral microphone trend, which was made famous by fashion retailer Mr Price.

The challenge sees people use the loud and somewhat annoying item in public spaces.


In a clip filmed by MK Party members following the general elections last month, Jacob Zuma addresses his supporters about the support he received at the polls.

In it, he alludes to the new political party being rigged of votes and how he believes that two-thirds of South Africans back him.

Hilariously, the 82-year-old is seen speaking on a Bluetooth microphone, complete with flashing lights and music blaring in the background.

Social media users were clearly amused at the former president’s take on the microphone challenge.

@montle_bontle: “You can’t say he didnt live life.”

@gontse: “The joys of being a leader and a grandpa at the same time.”

Jaypee_creme: “Zuma is a trendsetter.”

@newsnexussa #newsstories #newsnexussa #incaseyoumissedit #southafricatiktok???????? #newsnexus ♬ original sound – NewsNexusOfficial

Zuma is not the only high profile star to have fun with the microphone.

Metro FM DJ Lamiez Holworthy used her mic to encourage South Africans on voting day. She also enjoyed pranking her son Leano with it.

@dj_lamiezholworthy ???????????????????? happy voting! #jokes #tiktokmademebuyit #mic #tiktokchallenge ♬ original sound – lamiez Holworthy Dj

To the disappointment of many South Africans, Mr Price revealed that they would be discontinuing the sale of the popular microphone. However, many have found replicas in other shops.


It’s not the first time we’ve seen “Msholozi” entertain social media users.

In 2021, Zuma was seen taking part in a dance challenge alongside a group of female relatives.

On TikTok, one user used the clip as a meme to celebrate the MK Party leader’s success at the polls.

“Zuma after eliminating EFF from the third position”, read the caption.

@djmelody2002 #sama28 #politics #eff #mk #trending ♬ original sound – Dj melody

Meanwhile, Jacob Zuma’s daughter Duduzile has reposted another meme about her father following the elections.

In the viral video, the controversial politician sings the “Zuma Must Go” chant, which a group of grannies made famous in 2017.

Duduzile captioned the post: “Chess master.”