R200k bill: Man buys brandy for every table at CPT hangout spot

A mysterious man bought bottles of brandy for every table at a bar in Cape Town on Spring Day and racked up a bill of over R200k.

R200k bill: Man buys brandy for every table at CPT hangout spot

A lifestyle restaurant/bar in Cape Town had one of its most profitable nights on Thursday, 1 September 2022 (Spring Day), when a man known as Sabelo bought brandy for every table and forked out more than R200k on alcohol.   

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The receipt shows that the man known by Twitter users as Sabelo bought 29 bottles of brandy for every table at the bar and spent more than R200k on mostly alcohol and food at The Milk Restaurant and Champagne Bar in Cape Town on Spring Day.  

A Tweep with the handle @uYesuKrestu managed to share the ridiculous bill on Twitter and fellow users of the app can’t imagine how that much money is spent in just several hours.  

So how does a bill at a lifestyle restaurant and bar even get to R216k? Well, let’s break down what was supposedly ordered.  

  • 29 bottles of Hennessy brandy up to R45 000  
  • 6 Ace Brut bottles up to R54 000  
  • 10 bottles of Dom Perignon champagne worth R60 000  
  • 7 Moet Nectar champagne up to R11 200  
  • 6 Vueve Rich champagne R7 600   


According to the Twitter user who shared the picture of the receipt, the club is in the same area where there was a mall heist last week. Others questioned the authenticity of the bill, specifically asking how the establishment could even afford to have so many bottles of expensive champagne in stock.  


“Somebody check cash heist activities in the last month. No person with a 9 to 5 do this.”  


“They create these fake bills for content. You can ring anything and then void the whole bill afterward.”  


“Dude… This ain’t a joke. Sunday I was there. I saw that table of him buying Ace’s, XO’s, etc. Wednesday I saw on The Milk IG status. Dude doing the same and lots of Hennessey’s to each table.”


“Those 3 glasses of juice have no moral standing in this conversation. Abahoxe.”

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