The Only Way You Should Store Bananas, According to Chiquita

You bought them green and within days they are black and bruised. Here's how you should store bananas so that they last longer.

The Only Way You Should Store Bananas, According to Chiquita
Chiquita brand bananas
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My husband has a banana with his cereal almost every morning. Sometimes he buys too big of a bunch and they turn black before he can enjoy them. I try to remember to slice the bananas to freeze them for smoothies before they become mush, but I often miss the boat.

So I went to an expert for banana storage tips that will help them last longer. Tina Varjabedian, head of global communications for Chiquita, says, “To ensure your Chiquita bananas last, store them at room temperature in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.”

If the bananas are wrapped in plastic or a bag when you bring them home from the store, then immediately unwrap them. Plastic traps moisture and will make bananas ripen more quickly.

The Best Place To Store Bananas

Bananas do best in a nice comfortable temperature without any extremes. Keep them away from a cold window or a warm stove. 

Think twice about popping bananas in the fridge unless they are very ripe and you want to stop them from ripening even more. 

“Cold temperatures can cause the skin to turn brown, but the fruit inside will remain unaffected,” says Varjabedian. “When a banana develops brown spots, it signifies natural ripening as starches transform into sugars.”

You might want to consider a banana tree or other type of hanger. It can keep bananas from developing bruises, which can speed up ripening. Hanging bananas separates them somewhat and can extend shelf life slightly, Varjabedian says.

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Bananas Like To Be Alone

It’s not a great idea to put bananas in a big fruit bowl with a bunch of other produce. This can affect how quickly other fruits and vegetables ripen.

Bananas naturally produce ethylene. Ethylene is a gas that is released by some fruits and vegetables that can cause some other produce to ripen more quickly. Don’t store bananas near produce, like apples, broccoli, or lettuce that are sensitive to ethylene. Being near bananas will cause them to ripen faster.

Some people say wrapping banana stems in plastic or foil can slow down ripening because it may slow the release of ethylene through the stems. 

How Long Bananas Last

When stored properly, bananas can last for two days to up to a week before becoming too ripe, says Varjabedian. It all depends, of course, on how ripe they were when you bought them.

When bananas get too soft and ripe, there’s still plenty you can do with them. “Overripe Chiquita bananas are ideal for making delicious banana bread or adding sweetness to smoothies,” Varjabedian says. “Their soft texture and intensified flavor make them perfect for baking and blending.”