This New $5.49 ALDI Find Is Flying Off the Shelves (and Into My Cart)

This new ALDI product feeds my whole family for less money and in less time than carry-out, and everyone loved it.

This New $5.49 ALDI Find Is Flying Off the Shelves (and Into My Cart)
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Keeping a few frozen pizzas on hand has always been a life-saver for my family. They are a great quick work-from-home lunch option for me, a fast dinner for the whole family, or an easy option when we have a babysitter plus our kids to feed.

So when I saw that ALDI had some new Specially Selected pizzas in the freezer section, I immediately added them to my cart. My oldest daughter already loves Mama Cozzi's pizza crusts, and we’ve recently become obsessed with Mama Cozzi’s breakfast pizzas too. 

When I got home, I realized these new pizzas are pinsas—similar to a pizza with a much more bubbly, fluffy, and tender-crisp crust. They come in two flavors: pepperoni and caprese. The pepperoni pinsas are topped with classic tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, and Parmesan, while the caprese has both pesto and tomato sauces, mozzarella, and tomato slices. Here’s why I am now buying them on repeat and keeping them stocked in the freezer. 

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Why My Family Loves ALDI's Pinsas 

Like many of ALDI's frozen pizzas, the pinsas are baked directly on the rack of a 400°F oven. The bake time is on the shorter side for a frozen pizza—just 15 to 20 minutes. After baking a few of the pinsas, my family seems to prefer a less browned crust, so I opt for about 16 minutes of baking time to achieve crispness with less dark edges.

The packaging says each pinsa serves three, but for my family of four I bake up two to feed the whole crew. The crust is the shining star of these frozen pinsas—bubbly and chewy with a perfect tender crispness. They're unlike any other frozen pizza I’ve tried over the years. The crust is so good that my kids actually fight over the end pieces. 

I was pleasantly surprised that even my somewhat picky nine-year-old liked the caprese pinsas despite the pesto, but ultimately the rest of my family preferred the pepperoni style. My husband noted that the pepperoni slices had a nice subtle heat that balances the natural sweetness of the sauce.

That said, I will stock a few caprese pinsas in the freezer for myself. The pesto had great garlic flavor and even the frozen-then-baked tomatoes were bright and bursting with flavor. At just $5.49 each, two of these pinsas are both cheaper and faster than grabbing a carry-out pizza, so I will be keeping them on hand from here on out.