ALDI's $2.99 Kitchen Tools Are Back in Stock—They’re Perfect Crate & Barrel Look-Alikes

These versatile Crofton tools are my favorites. They're functional but also pretty enough to use for serving.

ALDI's $2.99 Kitchen Tools Are Back in Stock—They’re Perfect Crate & Barrel Look-Alikes
Aldi storefront
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I’ve owned a lot of kitchen tools in my time. Some expensive ones were gifted to me, others I’ve thrifted, but frankly, a lot of them I’ve found at ALDI. And the store's colorful silicone utensils are back in stock this week.

What I Love About ALDI’s Colorful Crofton Kitchen Tools

Crofton Beechwood and Silicone Utensils are back in stock for only $2.99 apiece. They’re silicone on top with beechwood handles, and they come in three colors: light blue, white, and peach. The available utensils include whisks, slotted spoons, flat spatulas (called turners, according to its website), spoons, and basting or pastry brushes.

I absolutely adore the silicone pastry brush I bought at ALDI, but my whisk and spoon are close seconds. I might have to pick up the flat spatula to finish my set. Outside of the fact that they’re pretty darn stylish, they’re even more useful.

A collection of four sets you back just $16, and they’re almost dead ringers for Crate & Barrel kitchen tools. However, if you head to Crate & Barrel with $16, you can only purchase a single tool as they cost $12.95 apiece.

Crofton spoons from ALDI
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How I Use ALDI’s Crofton Kitchen Tools

I use my silicone brush to baste meats, brush olive oil on top of veggies, and coat my cinnamon rolls with icing. If anything needs butter brushed on top, it’s my tool of choice. It’s so much better than using a spoon or a bristly pastry brush and is one of the most underrated tools in my kitchen drawer.

My whisk, well, that’s a tool I use every day whether I’m whipping up an omelet, making a cake, preparing a salad dressing, or cooking gravy.

I also use my spoons a ton. The slotted spoon is ideal for picking up poached eggs. It’s also pretty enough to use as a serving spoon at brunch with a fruit salad.

The regular spoon is a workhorse for stirring sauces, scooping batter out of bowls, and letting my son eat cookie dough before I add the eggs (he likes raw cookie dough better than baked cookies). 

Though I store my kitchen tools in a drawer, these are pretty enough to store on the counter, adding to my kitchen’s overall look.