ANC member KILLED and girlfriend raped – killers sentenced

The killers of well-known ANC member had shot him dead while his car broke down and dragged his girlfriend to the bushes to rape her.

ANC member KILLED and girlfriend raped – killers sentenced

The killers of a well-known ANC member have finally been sent to prison for his murder and the rape of his girlfriend while his car had broken down.


Back in December 2018, well-known ANC member Gladwin Khaiyane, also known as Phaks, was driving to Johannesburg. His car broke down on the R59 Meyerton, said National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) regional spokesperson Lumka Mahanjana.

A friend came to assist Phaks and his girlfriend in fixing the car but they were approached by five men. They were told to lie down and the killers fired shots at them, Mahanjana said.

“The deceased was shot and died on the scene. The men proceeded to rob the girlfriend, the deceased and his friend of their belongings.”

Lumka Mahanjana

After the robbery, one of the suspects dragged Phak’s girlfriend into nearby bushes where he raped her.

“Amongst other things that were taken is a vehicle, Hyundai H-100,” said Mahanjana.

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The killers of ANC member have been sentenced to life imprisonment for shooting him dead and raping his girlfriend. PHOTO: iStock

But just a week later, the suspects were found and arrested at their homes. They remained in custody since and pleaded not guilty to the charges laid against them.

Nearly four years later, the matter was finalised before the Pretoria High Court sitting in the Palm Ridge Magistrate’s Court on Thursday.

Of the five men, three were however acquitted. Bongani Enock Masilela, 31, and Tau David Mokhali, 33, were each handed life imprisonment. They faced charges of robbery with aggravating circumstances and murder.

“Masilela was further sentenced to 43 years imprisonment for rape, possession of an unlawful firearm and possession of ammunition,” Mahanjana said.

The sentence is to run concurrently and the accused persons have been declared unfit to possess a firearm.

The state had requested life imprisonment due to the escalating of the murder rate in South Africa.

“In her judgment, acting Judge Mokgale agreed with the state and added that the two committed a serious crime. Crimes such as this murders during a robbery are high. The two accused showed no remorse and, therefore, the sentence was appropriate,” Mahanjana said.

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