LOL! Breastfeeding mom campaigns for boob job from dad

A breastfeeding mom has gone viral after campaigning for a boob job. Many moms agreed it's only fair that dad pays up. What do you think?

LOL! Breastfeeding mom campaigns for boob job from dad

Breastfeeding is a beautiful journey for both mommy and baby who share a bond like no other through the process of feeding and eating. While the experience is rewarding and so special, it does tend to take a toll on the perkiness of a mothers breast which looses a lot of its volume once the breastfeeding stops and milk is no longer being produced.

For many women, the look of their once perky breasts after breastfeeding is extremely off putting and leaves them feeling very self-conscious. This is why one mom who says dads should pay for post breastfeeding breast jobs, has gone viral.

Breastfeeding mom wants a free boob job from dad, net moms agree!

If you’re a breastfeeding mom then you know, your boobs are never the same after you’re done with the beautiful journey.

This is why one TikToker has gone viral on the app after posting how she feels her husband should be paying for her to get a boob job.

Avery Woods shared a clip of herself holding her little one with a caption that read:

“Telling my husband I must be gifted a breast lift after [breastfeeding] for two years & saving so much money on formula.”

A caption at the bottom of the hilarious video said, “It’s well deserved.”

@averyywoods It’s well deserved ???? #MessFreeHero #GenshinTeleport #breastfeedingmom #pumpingmom #breastfeeding ♬ original sound – Devin????.

Moms agree fully

The post blew up as many moms headed to the comment section to share that it is only fair that he pays for it.

Many of them discussed how they too want to have breast reconstruction surgery after their breastfeeding journeys.

@Be Emma said:

“I have told my hubby the same after breast feeding 6 kids . Longest was 3 years x”

While @Megan Gomes added:

“I told my fiancé the same thing. These things aren’t perky anymore so pay up.”

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