‘I picked up a knife’: Musa Khawula addresses ‘murder mystery’

Controversial blogger Musa Khawula has broken his silence to address shock allegations that he murdered Wandile Khambula.

‘I picked up a knife’: Musa Khawula addresses ‘murder mystery’

Controversial celebrity and entertainment blogger Musa Khawula has come under fire for allegedly stabbing and killing Wandile Khambule in March this year. Khambule’s partner, Sweetness Jaftha, gave her version of the incident, claiming the blogger killed Khambula because he was not interested in pursuing a romantic relationship. 

Addressing the shock allegations via Twitter Spaces, Khawula clapped back, saying Khambula threw an empty glass bottle at him, which he dodged. The blogger also claimed that he stabbed Khambule in self-defence. 

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The allegations that Khawula reportedly killed Wandile Khambule first surfaced on Twitter in April.

Sweetness Jaftha told Sunday World that Khawula arrived at her Vredenburg home in the Western Cape on 4 March and demanded to see Khambula.

Moments later, Khawula and Khambula exited the house to speak and Jaftha claims she heard screaming outside. 

“When I checked to see what was happening outside, I saw Khawula running after Khambule with a big knife [and] stabbing him, he fell in front of my brother’s bakkie. I then asked one of my friends to go [and] try to stop what was happening. He stabbed him in his chest and back,” claimed Jaftha. 

She further alleged that another friend wrestled Khawula to get the knife out of his hand. 


As per Briefly, Musa Khawula addressed allegations that he stabbed and killed Wandile Khambula in a Twitter Space. In a now-deleted clip posted by @lerato_lalove, Khawula claimed that he and Khambule were walking towards a car, but never got into the vehicle. 

“He turned and picked up a bottle and threw it towards me, but I dodged the bottle. It was a Black Label bottle. I picked up a knife and stabbed him in his groin area to get him off me, which was one stab – but it doesn’t matter because he died,” said Khawula.

SAPS: Murder case opened

Western Cape police spokesperson Captain Frederick van Wyk told Sunday World a murder case had been opened. According to him, a 29-year-old suspect was arrested for Khambule’s murder. The accused made his first court appearance on 7 March. The second court appearance was scheduled for 6 June.

“According to reports, Vredenburg police responded to a complaint of a person who was stabbed on 4 March 2022 at 19:36 at the premises on Gou Street, Ongegund, Vredenburg,” said Van Wyk.

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Reacting to allegations of Khawula killing Khambule, tweeps called for the blogger to have his day in court. 

“For Musa Khawula to be sentenced for the murder he committed,” wrote one tweep. 

“People don’t care as long as it doesn’t affect them in any way. These are the same people who stan Musa Khawula knowing very well he’s a murderer who stabbed someone in cold blood n on top of that is on the internet violating people’s privacy and bullying women,” wrote another tweep. 

“This guy killed a person now in March 2022 but he doesn’t get cancelled and instead he is making numbers day in and out. You love to see it.”