This Genius Amazon Find Makes Opening Jars a Bajillion Times Easier

When you live alone, gadgets can be total kitchen game changers. This is the terrific thing that totally changed my life.

This Genius Amazon Find Makes Opening Jars a Bajillion Times Easier
Hand Holding a Closed Jar up to a Jar Opener Installed under One of the Cabinet Shelfs. In the Surroundings, a Cabinet Setting With Stacks of Plates, a Salad Bowl, Mugs, a Container of Flour, and a Basket of Fruit and a Potted Plant Next to the Cabinet.
Simply Recipes / Jennifer Causey

Welcome to One Simply Terrific Thing, our ongoing series highlighting the small tools and kitchen goods that make life better.

I am kind of embarrassed to say this, but until rather recently, whenever I struggled to open a jar of something, I called my landlord for help. I know what you’re thinking, yes he found it incredibly annoying. (But he was always so kind about it, thanks Carlos!)

As someone who lives alone, opening jars is one of the many things that I need help with from another person—like zipping up a dress or installing my air conditioner. But I knew this couldn't go on forever. In order to give Carlos a break, I went in search for a rubber grip that I could use to open jars with, and that’s when I stumbled across The Grip Jar Opener on Amazon. 

Gif Showcasing How to Use the Jar Opener
Simply Recipes / Jennifer Causey

You install this amazing contraption under your kitchen cabinet by either screws or a strong adhesive, and then you slide any jars with tight lids into the teeth of the jar opener and twist. The lid just pops off! It is really that simple! 

Deceptively simple, in fact. I really did not trust that this would work, but it has seriously saved me so much time. Plus, it is hidden under your cabinet, so you don’t need to worry about using counter space or messing with your kitchen aesthetics.

My one tip for making The Grip even more useful is to install it so that the teeth of the grip face away from you instead of towards you as the instructions say. This will make it even easier to use.

I recommend this product to all of my friends, whether they live alone or not because it is just so effortlessly easy to use. Now my landlord only visits my apartment to catch a mouse or reset the fire alarms, which I’m sure he appreciates very much.

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