Happy with it? NEW petrol price for September ‘now much cheaper’

We'll take that! the petrol price is coming down by a substantial amount this week - but does the the decrease go far enough?

Happy with it? NEW petrol price for September ‘now much cheaper’

After a horror show in 2022, we’ll take any petrol price decrease we can get. One of this magnitude, however, feels like a massive bonus. The cost of fuel will take a tumble from 00:01 on Wednesday 7 September – but do the cuts go far enough?

petrol price september
SA has faced massive hikes in the price of petrol this year – Image: Pexels

The decrease in fuel costs is good… but not quite great

Well, those with a more pessimistic view may argue that we’re a little short. Midway through August, a petrol price reduction of roughly R2.50-per-litre was forecast. However, that has now come down by about 50 cents per-litre.

Secondly, the projections for the remainder of this year aren’t so clear. Not only has OPEC resolved to reduce its production of oil over the next few months, but Russia is also limiting its flow of gas into Europe. Both decisions could send the value of crude soaring again soon.

At least for now, we do have some positives to focus on. Both grades of petrol will drop by R2.04-per-litre on Wednesday. Diesel comes down to, but by a much smaller amount. Consumers will have to be content with a fall of 56 cents-per-litre.

The official petrol price for September 2022

Businesses reliant on diesel-powered vehicles were anticipating a similar decrease to petrol, but these hopes were dashed over the past week or so. Here are the official average per-litre prices for both diesel and petrol in September, separated by grade and location:


  • Petrol 93: R22.30
  • Petrol 95: R22.73
  • Diesel wholesale: R23.31


  • Petrol 93: R22.95
  • Petrol 95: R23.38
  • Diesel wholesale: R23.96

As expected, experts have welcomed the petrol price decrease – championing the positive impact it will have on South Africa’s various supply chains. Although the market remains volatile, the Road Freight Association (RFA) is chalking this one up as a victory…

“The Road Freight Association notes that any decrease in the cost of fuel – in particular larger decreases – will have a tremendous positive effect on transport costs and supply chains.”

“Whilst the price of fuel has dropped, the effects into the logistics chain should be felt in the coming quarter and will certainly make life slightly easier for consumers towards the end of the year.” | RFA statement