LOL! Sizwe Dhlomo trolls COPE following embarrassing fight

Local media personality Sizwe Dhlomo is one of many South Africans who have weighed in on the viral COPE fight.

LOL! Sizwe Dhlomo trolls COPE following embarrassing fight

South Africans across the country watched in absolute disbelief as members of local political party Congress of the People (COPE) exchanged blows live on television. The fight became a trending topic as many South Africans weighed in on how embarrassing and shameful most of the country’s political leaders have become over the last few years.

One of the people who have weighed in on the fight is media personality Sizwe Dhlomo who shared that he does not think the party is big or relevant enough to be having such public spats.

Sizwe Dhlomo trolls COPE after fight goes viral

Things got pretty heated between COPE members and suspended COPE party leader Mosiuoa Lekota during a press briefing at the Birchwood Hotel in Boksburg on Wednesday this week.

This after the individuals claiming to be COPE members stormed the meeting – which was being live broadcasted – and attacked Lekota.

The fight left many of those who had tuned in to watch the briefing absolutely shocked at the behaviour of political leaders.

A lot of them flocked to social media to discuss the fight resulting in COPE reaching the top of trending lists.

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One of the people who have shared their thoughts on the fight is radio and TV personality Sizwe Dhlomo.

According to Dhlomo, the party is not relevant enough for such drama.

“Imagine catching hands for COPE… COPE!?” he wrote clearly shocked that people cared so much about such a small party that they would embarrass themselves on live TV.

Mzansi is equally shook

Many of his followers headed to the comment section to joke about the spat.

@MyazistoZA agreed Dhlomo and wrote:

 “That time the party has like 18 members National .”

While @ApsaluteManTech commented:

“No one seems to cope in the midst of terror!”