Yikes! ‘Major pollution hazard’ identified in one of SA’s biggest metros

This one region is now seeing its levels of dust pollution reach 'disastrous' new heights, putting locals in a dangerous position.

Yikes! ‘Major pollution hazard’ identified in one of SA’s biggest metros

The DA has raised the alarm this week, after they received the results of a recent ‘dust fallout survey’ taken in Nelson Mandela Bay. The major metro, which is home to Gqeberha, now has a very serious pollution issue on its hands.

One area of Nelson Mandela Bay has been described as ‘unsuitable for human health’ – Photo: Flickr / Peter Leigh

Pollution alert! Dust levels are ‘choking’ locals in this part of SA

The aforementioned survey was carried out by air quality officers in the NMB Municipality. This took place in October, November and December 2021. They found that one key economic hub was rendered ‘a disaster’ in terms of its dust levels. Several pollution hot-spots have since been identified:

  • The area in question sits between Motherwell and Coega, in the north of the NMB Municipality.
  • The Markman Industrial Area is home to three of the worst-polluted streets in the survey.
  • Levels in Buick Street, Chevrolet Street and St George’s Street have been described as ‘disastrous’.
This corner of NMB could be one of the worst spots in the country for dust pollution: Photo – Google Maps

‘Major health hazard’ flagged in Nelson Mandela Bay

Annette Lovemore serves as a spokesperson for the DA in NMB, with public health falling under her remit. She has written to the City Manager, requesting that urgent action is taken to bring down these pollution levels, and improve the air quality in this part of the metro.

“The results from an official dust fallout survey have confirmed that residents and workers living and working in and around the Markman industrial area are being subjected to a massive health hazard on a daily basis.”

“We have now written to the City Manager requesting immediate intervention and report back on steps to be implemented to mitigate this disaster. The dust pollution levels here exceed the maximum prescribed levels, and are unsuitable for human health.”

“Lives and livelihoods are at risk in the Markman area as a result of the ever-present threat of manganese ore dust. Urgent action is required to mitigate the risks. The City Manager must now provide a timeline for the implementation of listed action steps.” Annette Lovemore