Adv Teffo opens cases against Malema and Kelly Khumalo’s lawyer

Former defence lawyer in the Senzo Meyiwa trial Adv Teffo has opened cases against Julius Malema, Kelly Khumalo and her lawyer.

Adv Teffo opens cases against Malema and Kelly Khumalo’s lawyer

Former defence lawyer in the Senzo Meyiwa trial, Advocate Malesela Teffo has reportedly opened cases against Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader, Julius Malema and singer, Kelly Khumalo and her lawyer Magdalene Moonsamy.  

Teffo reportedly opened a case of defamation, crimen injuria and defeating the ends of justice against Malema, Khumalo and Moonsamy at the Johannesburg Police Station and Brixton Police Station this week. 


Gauteng police spokesperson, Captain Mavela Masondo confirmed that cases of crimen injuria have been opened  at two police stations and that both the cases are under investigation

Magdalene Moonsamy confirmed to Sunday World that she is aware of the case opened against her, however, she does not have much information about it.

During a media briefing in July, Malema weighed in on Adv Teffo’s conduct in court and attitude towards Presiding Judge Tshifhiwa Maumela.

The EFF leader said he is not sympathetic towards Teffo because he is disrespectful and has made the whole case about him.

“I have chicken in Polokwane, even if they steal them I would not call Adv Teffo to represent me…never!

“There is no skill at all, there is no decorum at all, and he has got no respect for the bench at all. He deserves no title of an advocate. I hope he doesn’t belong to any bar because if he belongs to one, it should take action on him.

Julius Malema

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Legal expert, Zola Majavu, also slammed the advocate’s conduct saying it is extremely unusual for a defence counsel to withdraw in the manner that he did and what is most peculiar are the reasons advanced. 

“It sounds to me like someone who is not properly schooled in the rules of procedure or who simply cannot accept that sometimes decisions will not always go their client’s way….What my colleague did is simply unacceptable and inexcusable. It is certainly peculiar and there was absolutely no basis for the rant that we saw,” Majavu said. 


The EFF has since labelled Adv Teffo as an attention-seeking person who has an uncontrollable desire to be in the news cycle. 

The Red Berets said Teffo is an embarrassment to the legal profession, because he has used the tragedy of the late Senzo Meyiwa to build a profile for himself. 

“It is an objective fact that Malesela Teffo would  not be a person of interest to the public or the media if it was not for the never-ending case of Senzo Meyiwa. Since he has been removed from that process he is seeking other avenues to remain a topic of discussion.”

The EFF further said Adv Teffo is failing dismally to build a profile as a celebrity and is exposing his opportunism. 

“His conduct as the defence of those accused of the murder of Senzo Meyiwa was shameful and unbecoming. He then went on to withdraw from the case only to attempt to return with a list of unreasonable and irrelevant demands presuming that he is of importance to the case and therefore can make demands.”

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