Eskom pleads with Gauteng residents to save power to avoid blackouts

Eskom urges Gauteng residents to switch off lights and use power sparingly due to increased pressure on its transformers.

Eskom pleads with Gauteng residents to save power to avoid blackouts

Eskom is urging residents of Gauteng to switch off their lights and use electricity sparingly as the power utility faces increased pressure on its transformers.

Illegal connections, driven by a significant drop in temperatures, have exacerbated the situation, causing power outages in various parts of the province, particularly in Soweto.

Amanda Qithi, Eskom’s spokesperson for Gauteng, highlighted the severity of the issue while speaking to ENCA.

“We ask people to keep themselves warm using blankets, hot water bottles, and warm clothing to avoid relying heavily on heaters,” Qithi said.

She emphasised the need for effective electricity use as winter grips Johannesburg.

“It is really cold, and we just need to ensure that we stay warm without overloading the system.”

City Power warns of prolonged outages

In addition to Eskom’s appeal, City Power has issued a warning to Johannesburg residents about the potential for prolonged outages if electricity consumption is not reduced. The utility is struggling to cope with the high demand caused by the cold weather, which puts a significant strain on the system.

“This will negatively impact essential services such as healthcare, small businesses, schools, traffic lights, and vulnerable individuals who depend on an uninterrupted power supply,” said City Power spokesperson Isaac Mangena.

He noted that during peak hours, the surge in electricity usage poses a risk of overloading the system.

“If the equipment explodes due to overloading, which could have been prevented, we will face prolonged outages and significant delays in repairing the damages and replacing the equipment,” Mangena added.

Gauteng residents urged to save electricity

Both Eskom and City Power stress the importance of conserving electricity during this period of increased demand to prevent further disruptions and ensure that essential services remain operational.

Gauteng residents are encouraged to take simple measures to reduce their consumption and help mitigate the risk of overloading the power infrastructure.