‘Lies of service delivery’: Papa Penny hits back at ANC for ‘R15m offer’

Reality TV star and musician Papa Penny has torn into the ANC after dumping the organisation for Jacob Zuma's MK Party.

‘Lies of service delivery’: Papa Penny hits back at ANC for ‘R15m offer’

Veteran musician Papa Penny is breathing fire after news that the African National Congress (ANC) allegedly offered him R15 million not to join the newly formed Jacob Zuma-led uMkhonto weSizwe Party (MK Party).


Speaking to TshisaLIVE, the Limpopo-born singer – real name Gezane Eric Kobane – said he is sure about his decision to cut ties with the governing party to join former South African president, Zuma.

“I’m not confused, I’m an adult and a leader in society, I cannot be bought,” he said.

Last week, Papa Penny submitted his resignation as both a councillor and a member of the ANC. He immediately joined the MK Party as a member and headlined the organisation’s manifesto launch on Saturday at Orlando Stadium in Gauteng.

After leaving the ruling party, the 62-year-old alleged that he rejected a R15 million offer to stay.

“They are the ones who decided to put a price tag over my head and to make it seem as if MK Party gave me more. I know nothing about that R15m. Why would they give me that money while they’re failing to give people service delivery? … it doesn’t make sense to me,” he told TshisaLIVE.

“If they were doing right things to the people, this very time should’ve been theirs. But no, they want to go around fooling the masses again into believing their lies of service delivery, creating jobs, building proper roads and a world-class health sector. But it’s not the case,” he added.


Following his departure from the ANC, screenshots of his purported WhatsApp conversation with the party’s Secretary General, Fikile Mbakula, were shared on social media. In them, he informed Mbalula of his exit; to which the former minister of transport responded: “U can’t go play for Zuma. “

“I send you massage [sic] this morning you never come back to me,” Papa Penny replied.

A frustrated Mbalula wrote: “Am busy Papa Penny… You can’t go perfom [sic] for Zuma… Don’t destroy yourself with one Zuma gig. You are an ANC member.”

Although he refused to speak negatively about his former party last week, Papa Penny revealed to Eyewitness News that he gained enemies after a failed bid to become its leader in Limpopo.

“There is no wife or husband who can divorce without any problems, but I cannot spoil the ANC. I have to talk about my new home, that the problems between me and the people of the ANC.”

He further defended the MK Party leader: “No one is clean. If you want to go for who’s dirty – everybody is dirty. People need service delivery, we need [a strong] economy in South Africa, we need to bring people together, we have to unite South Africa, we have to clean the suffering people, the poor people in the streets.”